Popular UK Newspaper The SUN has rendered an apology to Blackstars and newly-signed Arsenal signee Thomas Teye Partey following their headline about his transfer from Atheltico Madrid to Arsenal.

After Partey signed for Arsenal, the report carried out by The Sun about the midfielder caught the attention of many Ghanaians including the former News Editor of Joy News Dzifa Gbeho-Bampoh who wrote to The Sun to correct the story and possibly apologize for the unprofessional conduct.

“I was offended because we must acknowledge people who have pulled themselves up to become something. By describing him and his hometown in that manner, we denigrate him and his hometown and the larger population of Ghanaians.

I was very unhappy about it and I was actually incensed. I felt like if I didn’t write anything, I will just be shouting on social media to no end. So, I lodged a complaint to see whether there will be any difference. I am glad that in the end, they appreciated that there was a need for a more nuanced description of Partey and his hometown.” Dzifa Gbeho-Bampoh told Joy News.

The Sun in their reply to the journalist apologized for using clumsy language in what should have been a “positive” story about the player’s rise to the EPL.

Firstly, let me apologize if our article on Thomas Partey caused offence and or upset. I am deeply disappointed that [the] clumsy language has overshadowed what was meant to be a positive story about Partey’s incredible rise. I have personally amended the article following your complaint and we will endeavour not to repeat the mistakes in future,” Alex Peake, Digital Sports Editor wrote.

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